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Come & Enjoy Downtown Dayton’s newest and most elegant cafe. De’Lish Cafe we will be serving some of the most delicious items. De’Lish Cafe is located directly across the street from the Victoria Theater downtown Dayton on N. Main St. Don’t miss out on the De’Lish Experience it will be a treat!!!

Our Story

Our perspective is intended to be more from a customer stand point rather than a restaurateur; fine dining without the stuffiness. De’Lish cafe is here to offer a unique and elegant dining experience to Downtown Dayton.

We focus on our customer experience to set apart from your typical restaurant. De’Lish didn’t come from your traditional restaurant background. Our main focus is on the customer experience. Resulting from a combination of many different visions, De’ Lish offers patrons a unique experience with a warm environment to enjoy a drink, delicious food and a wide variety of entertainment. From our partnerships with musicians and artists to our food selection, De’Lish strives to support local business in as many avenues as possible.